Nike launches the first sneaker that automatically laces

Nike’s first automatic lace-up running shoe, HyperAdapt 1.0, is a new extension of the sports brand in the field of technology. This shoe is very clever, equipped with a charger, and the sole has an LED light device. After wearing this shoe, the sensor will automatically attach the shoelace to make the shoe fit the shape of the wearer’s footsteps. Two weeks. The smart function of this shoe is also very simple to use. As a first-generation product, Nike has fully realized their original promise.

However, this high-tech sneaker is definitely not inferior in price. The price of shoes is as high as $720. However, it has already been priced at $3,000 on ebay.

Although this shoe is not a time-limited series, its sales and promotion process is slowly evolving and is currently only available in several specific stores in the United States. Customers who want to try on or buy need to make an appointment in advance, and if they don’t pick up good time, they may encounter insufficient inventory.

Nike launches new Apple strap

Nike announced a series of new Apple Watch straps paired with the corresponding Nike sneakers. Known as “Day to Night”, this collection includes four different sports bracelets with perforations to drain sweat. Despite this name, this new range of straps won’t shine in the dark, making any literal change, or from morning training to cocktail time.

Nike said that the design of this series of straps actually comes from the various shades of the sky, because they change from dusk to dawn, Nike does not know how long people can see the sky in pink or lavender color, but Nike hopes that Will make some attractive strap colors.

The new range of straps will be available on June 1st through or the Nike store for $49. will begin selling this new product in early June. Nike-matched sneakers will be sold separately on June 1st for $190.

Nike’s 20% future sports shoes are made by robots

In April 2017, Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted said in an interview with Chinese media that the current capacity of the Atlanta Express Plant is about 1 million pairs a year, just like the fast factory in Germany. “The goal of investing in such a fast factory is to develop better technology and apply this advanced technology to our current production,” he said.

Rorsted believes that, at least for the moment, what the two factories are doing has not brought much change to the entire industry. “We want to be able to do a 3D scan of your feet so that you can know the shape of your feet and then make a 3D model based on the results of this scan, so that the production of the shoes is completely tailored to your foot type.” Kasper Rorsted said, “A market like this actually has a small share of the entire market.”

In April 2017, Adidas announced that there will be 5,000 pairs of Futurecraft 4D running shoes with a 3D printed midsole that will be available for sale in the fall and winter of 2017. At least for now, the scale of the 5,000 pairs relative to the output of other factories is very small.

Nike is always looking for a new material to make shoes

Nike is always looking for new ways to make shoes and materials. The company’s latest innovation, called Flyprint, is hailed as the first 3D printed upper for high-performance footwear. The Flyprint upper is manufactured using Solid Deposition Modeling (SDM). The process uses TPU filaments that are unrolled from the web and melted and layered.

This process “allows designers to convert athlete data into new textile geometries.” Presumably, this means custom measurements, by calculating the data collected by the design tools to achieve the desired composition of the material, making custom shoes ideal for personal wear. . All of this data is used to produce the final textile.

Nike said the printing process can be 16 times faster than previous manufacturing methods. One of the benefits of 3D textiles over traditional fabrics is to increase vitality by adding interconnects that go beyond Nike’s warp and weft yarns. The warp and weft yarns are the resistance between the interwoven yarns in the printed fabric.

3D printed fabrics are lighter and more breathable than other textiles. Another advantage of the 3D orientation process is the faster testing and correction cycles and the ability to locally adjust materials. Nike said the new Flyprint material can be used with other materials used, including Flyknit yarns. These yarns can be thermally bonded to Flyprint textiles, eliminating any glue or stitching.

Nike uses new instruction card for its new version Air Max style

The air cushion is a product made by injecting a specific gas into a polymer material by using special techniques and techniques to give the shoe a long-lasting good lightness and cushioning performance. Due to the special material and structure, when wearing sports shoes with air cushion, please do not touch objects, such as acid, alkali, oil, chemicals, hard, high temperature, high heat and high pressure, etc., so as to avoid air leakage and collapse of the air cushion. Dressed.

NIKE company related person to the Yangzi Evening News Consumer Jury column reporter said that NIKE company pays attention to each consumer’s feedback, and is committed to continuously improve the service to provide consumers with a satisfactory shopping experience, they are also very grateful to the Yangtze Evening News to consumers The sound is passed to NIKE and helps NIKE to continue to improve and better serve consumers.

In response to the hot discussion caused by the after-sales service, NIKE Company also reviewed and updated the tips and precautions for the use of footwear products according to the actual experience of consumers and the suggestions of experts, and requested online. And the offline sales channels clearly inform consumers, and hope to provide consumers with more detailed and caring services.

The marketing data of Nike

Recently, sports and leisure styles have become popular in the fashion world, and sports shoes have been used to mix and match various costumes, so I became interested in this topic. This trend has also intensified competition among major sports shoe brands. In my reptile project, I used Selenium to analyze sneakers and user review data on the FinishLine website.

I chose Nike and Adidas brands for comparative analysis because they are the two largest brands on FinishLine.

I decided to focus my research on running shoes and casual shoes because the two brands produced the most in both types. This data once again reflects the popularity of sports and leisure, because these two are the most common types of sports and leisure style.

The secret of the success of Nike’s China Chairman Dong Wei

Although Nike came to China for a short time, its development speed is not fast. Before, Chinese consumers were not very flustered by sportswear. Until 2008, after China hosted the Olympic Games, the sports culture reached an unprecedented level from the government level to the individual consumers. At the height of Nike, Nike also achieved a massive growth of US$1 billion for the first time in Greater China.

Although Nike’s development trend in China has become better and better in recent years, the challenge is getting bigger and bigger. Dong Wei began to reflect on whether Nike led her led the way forward and consumers will not feel resentful. And other issues. With these problems, Dong Wei made major adjustments and re-divided according to sports categories. From the perspective of consumers, he spent a lot of thoughts on projects that consumers are concerned about.

 Kung Fu pays off, and under the leadership of Dong Wei, Nike is getting better and better in China. According to the Nike Financial Report, the performance of Greater China has been very bright in recent years. Nike’s sales in Greater China in 2017 increased 11% year-on-year to US$1.09 billion; in 2018, Greater China’s fiscal year revenue reached US$5.134 billion, an increase of 18% year-on-year, and EBIT margin reached US$1.87 billion.

Nike AF1 High Utility women’s shoes

Nowadays, more and more women of the new era who love street and fashion culture have joined in. Deducting the Nike Air Force 1 High Utility, it is necessary to bring out the spirit of not meeting the status quo, they use the creativity of women alone to capture the future they want.

Which girl does not want to be like Zhou Yuxi, can be a young student, can also be a heroic woman, can capture the smile of children, but also can force the tears of the big. Confident girls are like this, some cool, a little fragile, not asking for surprise, chasing the truth, turning the challenge of misunderstanding into a fun and shutting down the ground. The Force is Female, you have to go all out!

The new AF1 High Utility can be cool, soft, and not artificial. It is not only suitable for Zhou Yuzhen, who is sincere and sincere, but also suitable for every gentle and strong girl.

Nike brand display area

The store brings together Nike’s most innovative products, a full range of membership services, a highly interactive immersive experience environment, and a community that vividly demonstrates sports innovation.

First of all, in the way of product display, Nike Shanghai 001 has designed a whole-layer shopping experience and special product display area for men, women, children and sneakers, and provides exclusive exclusive services for NikePlus members.

In addition to the wall of innovation, the internal structure of the new store is also full of technology, we simply split several major areas:

From B1 to 3 F, there is a huge digital screen, “Core Midfield” is an interactive sports field that showcases Nike’s latest product innovations, offering product customization experiences, innovative sharing and creative workshops, and immersive Digital products try on and exercise experience. It is available for a wide range of brand events, receptions for athletes and celebrities.

1F’s Nike Arena is a brand display area that reinvents the brand story and the design process workbench of the running shoes worn by Erude Kipgo, who has just set a new world record.

Shoe design patent protection

People tend to pay attention to two aspects: sports safety, that is, the shock absorption technology of a pair of shoes can meet the needs of the corresponding sports; on the other hand, the design of sports shoes, it can be a fashion item, or even become a collection. Object.

The shock absorbing effect of the sneakers is mainly achieved through the sole, and the impact of different shock absorbing techniques on the design of the sole is also different. In the long-term development process, there are two ways for major manufacturers to achieve buffering, one is based on materials, and the other is based on special structures, such as air cushion structures that have been widely used. Compared with the material-based damping technology, the special structure-based damping technology is more reflected in the design.

It is generally believed that design patents can only protect external shapes, while shock-absorbing structures can only be protected by invention or utility model patents, but the emergence of exposed air-cushioned shoes has changed this view. Nike has launched air-cushion shoes since 1978. Consumers have been able to feel the air cushion through the feet until the first exposed air-cushion shoes AIR MAX 1 was launched in 1987. The designer has exposed the structure from the Pompidou Centre. Taking inspiration, opening the window on the bottom side of the shoe, so that the design of the air cushion can be visually seen by consumers, and the patent protection of the design is possible.