Nike is about to release 3D printed shoes

Recently, Nike reported that 3D printing shoes Zoom VaporFly Elite Flyprint 3D will be released soon. Flyprint 3D is a 4% updated version of the famous 3D printed Nike Zoom Vaporfly, designed with the help of Eliud Kipchoge and won the Berlin Marathon 2018.

Since last year, Beaverton-based footwear giants have been working to improve Vaporfly’s 4% of its products. To this end, the company recruited again to get help from Kipchoge. Their collaboration launched the latest Zoom VaporFly Elite Flyprint 3D.

Zoom Vaporfly is called “4%” because an independent study found that Vaporfly wears runners to compare the energy consumption of running in marathon running shoes, for example, “prototype shoes [Vaporfly’s 4% downgrade averages 4% of running energy) Consumption. We predict that top athletes can run faster with these shoes.”

Vaporfly’s 4% success prompted Nike’s footwear design team to upgrade Vaporfly to 4% with the help of Kipchoge’s direct feedback to launch the new Zoom VaporFly Elite Flyprint 3D.

Nike shoes sells well in the United States

Footwear products set off the responsibility of sports brand revenue. However, according to the American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI)’s 2018 non-durable product report, consumer satisfaction with sports shoes has declined by 1.3% overall this year, ranging from 1 to 100 in terms of satisfaction, overall for consumers. Satisfaction fell to 79 points.

According to the brand, Adidas’ customer satisfaction fell by 4% to 78. But Adidas performed better than Nike. Nike’s consumer satisfaction fell by 3% to 77 points.

The survey randomly selected 5,315 consumers in the United States and conducted an intentional survey by mail between October 2, 2017 and September 28, 2018.

The sneakers boom has also shown a downward trend with the arrival of autumn and winter. Puma’s chief executive, Bjorn Gulden, said at Hummer’s recent earnings conference call that “the sneakers boom has slowed.”

Recently, the report of the market research organization NPD Group also pointed out that in September 2018, sports brands including Nike, Adidas and SKECHERS showed a decline in sales.

Nike Tanjun sales has declined

In 2017, Tanjun crushed Converse’s Chuck-Taylor All-Star Low, Adidas’ Superstar and a variety of Air Jordan shoes, becoming the most popular sports shoes in the US market.

However, Tanjun’s good days are now experiencing some problems. According to market research firm NPD Group, in September 2018, Nike Tanjun’s sales declined, which led to a decline in the overall market for the sports shoes market.

“There is a lack of hot-selling products on the market to drive industry growth,” said NPD Group analyst Matt Powell in an interview with Footwear News. “This vacancy has pressure on the entire sports shoe market… if brands and retailers want To get consumers to spend in the holiday shopping season (a series of holiday shopping seasons after Halloween), they have to work harder on product quality.”

Recently, the NPD Group announced the US sports retail industry report for the past two months. The report shows that sales of sports shoes in the US market experienced a decline in August and September compared to the same period last year.