Shoe design patent protection

People tend to pay attention to two aspects: sports safety, that is, the shock absorption technology of a pair of shoes can meet the needs of the corresponding sports; on the other hand, the design of sports shoes, it can be a fashion item, or even become a collection. Object.

The shock absorbing effect of the sneakers is mainly achieved through the sole, and the impact of different shock absorbing techniques on the design of the sole is also different. In the long-term development process, there are two ways for major manufacturers to achieve buffering, one is based on materials, and the other is based on special structures, such as air cushion structures that have been widely used. Compared with the material-based damping technology, the special structure-based damping technology is more reflected in the design.

It is generally believed that design patents can only protect external shapes, while shock-absorbing structures can only be protected by invention or utility model patents, but the emergence of exposed air-cushioned shoes has changed this view. Nike has launched air-cushion shoes since 1978. Consumers have been able to feel the air cushion through the feet until the first exposed air-cushion shoes AIR MAX 1 was launched in 1987. The designer has exposed the structure from the Pompidou Centre. Taking inspiration, opening the window on the bottom side of the shoe, so that the design of the air cushion can be visually seen by consumers, and the patent protection of the design is possible.

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