Nike launches the first sneaker that automatically laces

Nike’s first automatic lace-up running shoe, HyperAdapt 1.0, is a new extension of the sports brand in the field of technology. This shoe is very clever, equipped with a charger, and the sole has an LED light device. After wearing this shoe, the sensor will automatically attach the shoelace to make the shoe fit the shape of the wearer’s footsteps. Two weeks. The smart function of this shoe is also very simple to use. As a first-generation product, Nike has fully realized their original promise.

However, this high-tech sneaker is definitely not inferior in price. The price of shoes is as high as $720. However, it has already been priced at $3,000 on ebay.

Although this shoe is not a time-limited series, its sales and promotion process is slowly evolving and is currently only available in several specific stores in the United States. Customers who want to try on or buy need to make an appointment in advance, and if they don’t pick up good time, they may encounter insufficient inventory.

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