Nike is about to release 3D printed shoes

Recently, Nike reported that 3D printing shoes Zoom VaporFly Elite Flyprint 3D will be released soon. Flyprint 3D is a 4% updated version of the famous 3D printed Nike Zoom Vaporfly, designed with the help of Eliud Kipchoge and won the Berlin Marathon 2018.

Since last year, Beaverton-based footwear giants have been working to improve Vaporfly’s 4% of its products. To this end, the company recruited again to get help from Kipchoge. Their collaboration launched the latest Zoom VaporFly Elite Flyprint 3D.

Zoom Vaporfly is called “4%” because an independent study found that Vaporfly wears runners to compare the energy consumption of running in marathon running shoes, for example, “prototype shoes [Vaporfly’s 4% downgrade averages 4% of running energy) Consumption. We predict that top athletes can run faster with these shoes.”

Vaporfly’s 4% success prompted Nike’s footwear design team to upgrade Vaporfly to 4% with the help of Kipchoge’s direct feedback to launch the new Zoom VaporFly Elite Flyprint 3D.