Nike brand display area

The store brings together Nike’s most innovative products, a full range of membership services, a highly interactive immersive experience environment, and a community that vividly demonstrates sports innovation.

First of all, in the way of product display, Nike Shanghai 001 has designed a whole-layer shopping experience and special product display area for men, women, children and sneakers, and provides exclusive exclusive services for NikePlus members.

In addition to the wall of innovation, the internal structure of the new store is also full of technology, we simply split several major areas:

From B1 to 3 F, there is a huge digital screen, “Core Midfield” is an interactive sports field that showcases Nike’s latest product innovations, offering product customization experiences, innovative sharing and creative workshops, and immersive Digital products try on and exercise experience. It is available for a wide range of brand events, receptions for athletes and celebrities.

1F’s Nike Arena is a brand display area that reinvents the brand story and the design process workbench of the running shoes worn by Erude Kipgo, who has just set a new world record.