Nike uses new instruction card for its new version Air Max style

The air cushion is a product made by injecting a specific gas into a polymer material by using special techniques and techniques to give the shoe a long-lasting good lightness and cushioning performance. Due to the special material and structure, when wearing sports shoes with air cushion, please do not touch objects, such as acid, alkali, oil, chemicals, hard, high temperature, high heat and high pressure, etc., so as to avoid air leakage and collapse of the air cushion. Dressed.

NIKE company related person to the Yangzi Evening News Consumer Jury column reporter said that NIKE company pays attention to each consumer’s feedback, and is committed to continuously improve the service to provide consumers with a satisfactory shopping experience, they are also very grateful to the Yangtze Evening News to consumers The sound is passed to NIKE and helps NIKE to continue to improve and better serve consumers.

In response to the hot discussion caused by the after-sales service, NIKE Company also reviewed and updated the tips and precautions for the use of footwear products according to the actual experience of consumers and the suggestions of experts, and requested online. And the offline sales channels clearly inform consumers, and hope to provide consumers with more detailed and caring services.